The BOG is quite the social bunch, organising visits to companies, beer nights, trivia nights, and massive annual events. The board wanted to be able to post news about upcoming events, photos from the events, an events calender, and allow students to post messages on the site. They also wanted a discussion forum so students would be able to organise book exchanges and such. With quite a few sponsors, they needed to be able to display logos and ad banners, and to rotate them as the sponsors change.

When asked about the look and feel of the site, they simple said “make it look cool”.

A number of designs were presented, and they decided on the grunge inspired look. Nothing says English quite like the Union Jack. For the content management, WordPress was implemented, customised with a number of plugins for managing ad banners, a message board, and an event calendar.


1. September 2008


The BOG (English Department Student Association)