No Homo

Poster design for a short comedy which has no idea what being gay means.

Written and directed by Guðni Líndal Benediktsson and produced by Fenrir Films, No Homo is a short comedy about how a group of friends come to terms with one of them coming out of the closet by throwing him a coming-out-of-the-closet party. Most of the leading actors weren't available for a photo shoot, so the design had to convey the film's essences and absurdity through other means.

Using some props from the film, including a piece of steak, a beer, and gratuitous amounts of star shaped confetti, the concept of awkward masculinity and bromance in the face of homosexuality was explored. The end result took the form of a Instagram-style shot from a slightly misguided party with good intentions.

No Homo was selected for showing at the Cannes 2013 Short Film Corner.